Weekend Reads Vol. 1

For this week I chose Sophie Kinsella’s My (not so) Perfect life, hoping that this will inspire me to stop living a double life and pretending that everything is ok because it’s not. I have been so envious of the life of the people I followed on instagram and tumblr. I often wonder why they could have that life and i’m stuck in mine. I want to earn more money to afford the life they have but I don’t have the means, sadly. I want to be a blogger or vlogger to earn extra online but I don’t know where to start. I envy those booktubers they are doing what they love and at the same time they are earning from it. How could I do that? I don’t know yet. Hopefully 2018 will be a better year to explore and rediscover what I really like. Back to Sophie Kinsella’s My (not so) Perfect Life, it’s like I’m watching The Devil wears Prada and her boss Demeter is like Miranda Priestly. I have watched The Devil wears Prada countless times, this maybe the reason why i’m liking the book so far. I’ll be able to finish this book tomorrow if nothing comes unplanned activity after office. Happy weekend and happy reading.


It’s been months that my life has been frantic and stressful. It was like the world can’t slow down and i’m trying to catch up on a daily basis. My body can’t keep up.I’m physically, mentally and spiritually exhausted i just want to stop. But I don’t have that luxury. I need to work, I need to earn to pay the bills. But I miss the old me. Me who can walk to the mall without coughing, who can sit in a coffee shop and just read a book or watch as people walk by. That’s one of the things i like doing, watching people as they pass by and ruminate if they have problems too. That’s my way of dealing problems, telling myself that I am not alone, that others have biggger problems. I miss staying in a bookstore and stay there for some free reading. I visited my doctor today, hopefully this time the medication will take effect and I could get back to the things I used to do. Or maybe, i should learn to relax and chill, that the reason why my health is deteriorating is because im too stressed. This is me destressing, writing. And one more thing, i finished my first book for this year. I think that is an achievement.

the start of a journey

So today i booked a flight to Seoul, So. Korea on April 8-13, 2018. I have been planning this for how many years, but today I am more determined to fulfill this lifelong dream. My interest in Korea started wayback 2005 or 2006 if my memory serves me right, through the Korean Tv Series “The Truth” topbilled by Choi Ji Woo. “The Truth” was the first korean drama aired in the Philippines. After The Thruth more and more Korean dramas started airing in the Philippines. Of all the kdramas I have watched my all-time favorite will be Descendants of the Sun. Nothing comes close actually. But there are a lot of kdramas that have been a part of my life this past 15 years. I can’t mention all of them though. It will take me more than 1 blog post to share every kdramas I had watched. Today, with all the instagram photos I have seen about their journey in Korea I made a decision to materialize the plan of travelling to Korea. Korean visas validity is only 60 days, but to save travel costs I booked a flight without a visa. I took the risk of booking without visa to avail plane ticket promos. I will just pray really hard that the Korean embassy will approve my visa application when I apply to them this coming February. I wrote this blog post about the start of this journey so if the day will come of my travel I can look back to this post and I can tell myself that I did everything I can to reach this dream.

Crazy Rich Asians Book Review

I heard about this book last year but for some reason I did not read the book. I don’t know why. So last month inspired by all the booktubers to read 6 or more books a month i picked Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan.

First chapter i’m already sold. I already know i can finish the book within the day. I’m happy i chose to read it on a weekend, i had all the time to read it, nonstop.

The book is witty and smart. I find myself laughing espcially if it involves Eleonor Young and her gang. If you are an Asian like me you can envision the characters easily since it’s very realistic and we have witnessed and experienced some of the characters in our daily lives 😂.

I appreciate how Kevin Kwan touched the topic about how the conservative Chinese and the modern Chinese lives. And in this book I appreciate the tradition and culture of the Chinese even more. Although there are characters that you will hate, most of them if not all, will find them comical.

And the story of Nick and Rachel. Nick brought up by a conservative and rich Chinese grandmother Shang Su Yi and Rachel who grew up in a modern and pragmatic environment of the United States. It’s already given that the conservative rich family of Nick will never accept Rachel. Their love story is common in all kind of Asian Tv Series where one is not accepted because of the difference in social class. What makes their story unique is how Rachel handles the situation smartly and wittingly. I simply love her innocence and naivetè.

Another character you will love in this book is Astrid Leong. Heiress to Leong empire and cousin of Nick Young. She’s one of those rich Asian who did not become crazy because of money. She and Nick grew up together. Raised by their grandmother Shang Su Yi who taught them never to discuss money or never to think about it.

There are lot of characters in this book some of them are funny, some are inconsequential but most them are filthy rich and they still want more.

I gave 5 out 5 stars for this book. It’s comical and interesting to have a glimpse on the lives of the crazy rich asians!

Trying to accomplish a better life

I have been watching a lot of videos on Youtube nowadays. I have been addicted to booktubers and wanting to do something like that. But  i don’t have the confidence to be in front of the camera and share it for the world to see. Not my cup of tea. Also, i subscribed to Hannah Ashton videos and I got inspired on How to be a Boss Babe. So this blog entry is inspired by Hannah Ashton. I want to have better life specifically on the financial aspect. Most start-up business right now involves online marketing and that will be a donwside on my part because I don’t have any talent on marketing. I want to earn on blog posts but i don’t know how. Most bloggers/vloggers earn on Youtube. I don’t even know if bloggers/vloggers still uses their own domain page. So for a start, inspired by Hannah Ashton i will write my goals and let us see if i can manage to reach my daily and weekly goals.